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One Hour, One Hundred Courses.

When planning a golf destination, golfers don't typically think about the Finger Lakes of New York as one of their main ideas. The more famous places like Myrtle Beach, Florida and Arizona seem to take center stage because of their ability to be played on year round. But did you know that within 1 hour of the center of the Finger Lakes there are over 100 amazing golf courses that are waiting for you to come play. There are courses for every level of player, and as many options for courses as there are varieties of grapes on the local vines. Courses range from the hilly wood lined courses such as Reservior Creek in Naples and Bristol Harbour south of Canandaigua to courses with amazing lake views such as Seneca Lake and Geneva Country Club in Geneva and Sodus Bay Heights in Sodus Point. The truely amazing thing about all of these courses is that they generally cost a fraction of what the southern courses cost, and getting a tee time is so easy, in most cases you don't even need one. Check out the FLX Golf Course guide in the web site and let us know what your favorite course is.

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