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The Forest for the Trees

Like many long time Finger Lakes residents, I probably have become a bit inattentive to my surroundings. It could be an age thing ( and I'm really hoping it's not ) or simply just the fact that I have lived here all my life. We all tend to drive by the lakes everyday just glancing at them as we think about what we have to do today, never really taking the time to truly appreciate the vast beauty that surrounds us. Weekends seem to come and go as we all are busy taking care of work, homes and families. Time flies by as we look back and wonder what we did all summer as we notice that fall is approaching. A memory came back to me the other day that emphasises this point very well.

In the late 90's I was fortunate enough to have been part of a great team of fellow Geneva N.Y. citizens that developed a large lakeside festival called the SENECA LAKE WHALE WATCH. The night before the very first festival we brought all of our sponsors down to the festival site for a private party to thank them for their efforts. We wined, dined and entertained them with live entertainment under a theme decorated tent. Following dinner we took the sponsors out in golf carts to show them what each area of the festival was going to be, and what to expect for the upcoming weekend. As we travelled along the lakeshore through the Food Port, Kids Cove, Atlantic Stage and other areas of the festival site, one of our sponsors wives turned to me and said " my, the lakefront is amazingly beautiful isn't it?". Now remind you, this is someone who had lived in Geneva her entire life.

The point I am trying to make here is that there is a very big difference between driving by the lakes, and actually getting out and enjoying them. Take time to stop and smell the roses. Go out and explore one of the Finger Lakes you have never seen; wander the streets of one of our neighbor communities and learn all they have to offer; sit by a lake or rent a boat and spend the day having a picnic with friends. Whatever you choose, go out today and appreciate the amazing area we are blessed to live in because summer's aren't the only thing that fly does life.

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